Top Female Job Openings in Coimbatore’s Spinning & Embroidery Industry – Apply Now.

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Company Name : Spining embroiding company

This company job posts are Checking, Packing, Over lock Tailor , Petlock Tailor, Quality Control , pining embroiding companyProduction Supervisor and Data entry operator.this company qualifications are 8th,10th,12th,ITI /Diploma , Any Degree.this company locations are coimbatore and tirupur.our company duty hours 8 hours work.our company experience is 0-3 years.this company job offers only female.above 18 years candidates apply in this company.other benefits are room available, food available, Bonus, medical facilities and salary interview. direct joining offer in this company.200 + opening in this company.this company provides range from Rs. 15,000 to RS 37,000.this is a on role job. after inteview direct joining. immediately joining candidates prefer first.more details please contact HR number 82207 04127, 82206 54127.

Top Female Job Openings in Coimbatore’s Spinning & Embroidery Industry – Apply Now.

About Company :

This group, which has operations in Tirupur and Coimbatore, specializes in spinning and embroidery services. Our strategically placed facilities enable us to effectively cater to our clients’ demands and provide them with superior products and services. We want anyone who are passionate about the textile business to join our team and help us succeed, whether you’re based in Tirupur or Coimbatore.

Post : Checking, Packing, Over lock Tailor , Petlock Tailor, Quality Control , pining embroiding companyProduction Supervisor and Data entry operator

To accommodate a variety of skill levels and interests, this organization offers a range of opportunities in multiple departments. Roles like checking, packing, flatlock and overlock tailoring, quality control, pinning embroidery, production supervisor, and data entry operator are among the positions we have open. We offer chances for you to contribute and advance within our company, regardless of your background in administrative work, quality assurance, manufacturing clothing, or supervisory positions.

Qualifications : 8th,10th,12th,ITI /Diploma , Any Degree.

People with a variety of educational backgrounds and credentials are invited to apply to work for this organization. Regardless of your educational background—either 8th, 10th, or 12th grade, ITI/Diploma program finished, or degree earned in any field—we are committed to giving everyone equal chances.

Place :coimbatore and tirupur

Our employees may easily access and enjoy the convenience of our company’s locations in Coimbatore and Tirupur. Our position in these key areas enables us to efficiently service our clients and provides our team members with the chance to work in growing, different communities.

work : 8 hours

Our company’s regular workday is 8 hours long, which reflects our dedication to preserving a positive work-life balance for our staff members. We think it’s important to encourage productivity and make sure team members have enough time for work and personal interests.

Experience : (0-3)

This organization is a great place for recent graduates to launch their careers because it accepts people with a range of experience, from 0 to 3 years. We appreciate the energy, originality, and viewpoints that recent grads bring to our team.

Gender : Female only

At the moment, this organization is only seeking female applicants. We support the development of inclusive workplaces and diversity. We encourage you to look into the roles that are open at our organization if you’re a female applicant looking for chances to advance in your career.

Age Limit : Above 18 years

All people who are at least 18 years old are welcome to apply to work for this company. We invite you to explore employment options with us even though you meet the age limit and are prepared to make a meaningful contribution, regardless of your experience level or length of education.

Total post : 200 + openings

Currently, this organization has over 200 job openings available in a variety of departments and roles. Since there are so many opportunities available, people with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets are invited to apply.

Salary :  RS. 15,000 to RS 37,000

The company provides a competitive pay scale, with earnings ranging from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 37,000. We work hard to make sure that the talents, expertise, and efforts of our staff members are appropriately rewarded.

Interview Date : Direct Joining

This organization provides direct joining without the requirement for an interview, making it a special opportunity. With this shortened approach, the typical interview stage is eliminated, allowing you to begin your new work swiftly and efficiently.

Other benefits :

In order to improve your entire experience and wellbeing, our organization provides a wide range of additional benefits. These perks consist of daily accommodation and food, with rooms reserved for staff members. In order to appreciate and honor your hard work and dedication, we also provide bonuses and hospital facilities.

Contact : 82207 04127, 82206 54127

Please give our HR department a call at 82207 04127 or 82206 54127 for additional information. Our human resources department is at ready to answer any queries you may have and offer further details regarding your requests.

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