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Company Name : IP Rings Ltd

This company hiring job post are Press shop , Production , Special purpose inspection. Our company qualifications are ITI / Diploma and any degree. This company located at maraimalainagar in Chennai. this company duty hours is 8 hours work per day. We are looking for individuals with 0-2 years of experience. we are hiring male and female candidates. they are provide age limit on this job is above 18 years old candidates apply. they are provide room and food arrangement , ATT allowance ,OT and salary increment. They are hiring job offer for 100 + opening now.no interview. direct joining offer announce in this company. this company 8 hours salary is RS 13,000 to RS. 14,000 and OT salary is RS. 20,000 this company offer for Permanent role to their employee.  general interview to attend candidates. which candidate immediately joining they are appointed that candidates. more details please contact 8072866942,9486785791,9940025580

IP Rings Ltd ||Private company job – Apply Now.

About company :

This is a japan based company. founded on 1991.It is manufacture  in farm mechanization, auto parts, parts distribution and engineering sectors. we have built a reputation for innovation, quality, and reliability, continually striving to advance our technologies and expand our market presence.

Total Post : 150 + openings

This company hiring for 150 + opening. We are looking for talented and dedicated candidates. If you are interested we invite you to apply and become part of our growing family in Chennai.

Place : Chennai.

This company located at MaraimalaiNagar in Chennai.It’s interesting businesses choose their locations.this company stands at the forefront of innovation and precision engineering.this Company is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Age : above 18 years old

We are looking for 18 above candidates apply to this job.Within a work environment, this opportunity offers a platform for personal growth and professional development.you have got a chance a lively and exciting workplace like this.

Post :  Press shop , Production , Special purpose Machine inspection

 Our company is currently hiring for several key positions Press shop , Production , Special purpose Machine inspection. we encourage you to apply and become a part of our innovative and growing company.

Qualifications : ITI / Diploma and any degree

This company except the qualifications are ITI / Diploma and any degree.We really appreciate what you might bring to our team, whether you’ve picked up technical skills into specialized studies with a diploma program.we can work together to achieve great things.

Gender : Male and Female

Our company is committed to providing equal job opportunities for both male and female candidates .We encourage individuals of all genders to apply for our various positions.

Working hours : 8 hours.

8 hours duty works is required , with additional opportunities for overtime (OT) available. our employees have a balanced work schedule while also offering the option to earn extra through overtime.

Experience : 0-2 years

Opportunities within our company are open to both experienced professionals and freshers, as well as unemployed individuals.whether you are just starting looking for a job any past experience.No prior experience required.

Salary :

Workers putting in 8 hours of duty can expect a salary ranging from around Rs.13,000 to Rs.14,000.OT (10 hours ) salary is RS. 20,000 +.these attractive salary reflect our commitment to valuing and rewarding the hard work and dedication of our team members.

Other benefits :

they are provides room and food available. full attendance candidates allowance amount is Rs.1,000 one hour OT salary is Rs 125. we are committed to the growth and satisfaction of our team, offering regular salary increments based on performance.


This company offer for Permanent role, basic interview  and immediately joining candidates welcome .this is an excellent chance to secure a stable and rewarding position with our company

Contact :8072866942,9486785791,9940025580

You have more details please contact HR number 8072866942,9486785791,9940025580. Our HR are available to provide you with all the information you need and guide you through the application process.

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