Toys Manufacturing Company – Current Job Openings & Career Opportunities 2024 – Apply Now.

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Company Name : Toys Manufacturing Company.

The Madavaram, Chennai-based Toys Manufacturing Company is now hiring for its production section. Male candidates with qualifications ranging from ITI, diploma, and degree holders to 10th and 12th graders are what we are looking for. Candidates must be at least 18 years old, and it would be ideal if they have zero to two years of experience. The normal shift work hours are from 9 AM to 8 PM. The company provides a ₹16,000 compensation package in addition to perks like free lodging, two complimentary meals per day, and pay raises. More than 60 positions are offered, and applicants can start working right away without setting up an interview. Those who join right away will be given priority. For additional information,please contact our HR at 70109 94955 or 98841 47138. Please note this is a vendor role, and a general interview will be conducted.

About Company :

in this company, a renowned company specializing in a broad variety of puzzle toys, was founded in Chennai in 2018. Our commitment lies in providing high-quality products at reasonable costs, while guaranteeing that our toys satisfy the most exacting standards of quality and client pleasure. We have established ourselves as a reputable brand in the toy manufacturing sector by offering creative and entertaining toys for kids of all ages, all thanks to our dedication to quality and price.

Toys Manufacturing Company – Current Job Openings & Career Opportunities 2024 – Apply Now.

Place : Chennai

Founded in 2018, PV Toys is a renowned toy manufacturer with its headquarters in Madavaram, Chennai. With a focus on a large selection of puzzle toys, we are dedicated to providing high-quality goods at reasonable costs.

Qualifications : 10th, 12th,ITI ,Diploma and degree

We are open to candidates with qualifications ranging from ITI, diploma, and degree holders to those with 10th and 12th grade educations. We embrace diversity in our educational backgrounds.

Role : Production Department

We are looking for enthusiastic people to join us in this exciting endeavor as we grow our team in the production area. Being a top producer of puzzle toys, we know how critical it is to have a knowledgeable and committed staff in order to uphold our exacting standards for creativity and quality.

Gender : Male only

We are only considering male applications for our open positions. This policy is in place to satisfy particular needs related to our production department’s operations.

experience : 0-2 years

Candidates with 0–2 years of experience are what we are looking for. This gives us the opportunity to hire new people and viewpoints. We are looking for people who are ready to grow and learn alongside us. We give people with little experience chances for growth and skill development by recruiting them.

work time : 9 am to 9 pm

Our office is open from 9 AM to 9 PM, which gives our staff a reliable and flexible schedule. Because we don’t have a night shift, our staff is able to keep a healthy work-life schedule.

age: above 18 years

Applicants who are at least 18 years old are encouraged to apply for jobs with our organization. We don’t accept applications from anyone who are younger than eighteen (18), in order to uphold labor rules and encourage an adult and responsible workforce.

opening :  60 +

We now have more than sixty unfilled positions in our organization. This is a great chance for people looking for work in the exciting and fulfilling toy manufacturing industry.

salary : RS.16,000/-

We provide our staff with a competitive base wage of Rs. 16,000/-.We think it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and commitment of our team members so they feel appreciated and inspired to keep working hard to make our business successful.

Other benefits :  Free Room + 2 times free food and salary increment

We offer a number of perks to guarantee a relaxing and rewarding work environment. In order to give our employees a comfortable and dependable place to live, we also provide free room for them. We also provide two complimentary meals a day.

Interview Date : Direct joining

we think that the hiring process should be streamlined to be as effective and convenient as possible for the business, as well as the candidates. We do away with traditional interviews by providing immediate joining chances. We recognize the importance of time and strive to give eligible applicants quick access to job openings.

Note : vendore role. general interview. who will join who prefer first.

we are looking for applicants for vendor positions in our company. For these roles, we do general interviews, but we give preference to those who show a great match with the position and our corporate culture. We are interested in onboarding people who are prepared to get started right away because we value efficiency.

contact : HR number 70109 94955 , 98841 47138

You can reach our committed staff at 70109 94955 or 98841 47138, and they will be pleased to help you. Whether you have inquiries about specific job roles, the application process, or any other aspect of working with us, we’re here to provide support and guidance.

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